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Janx-Jakelu Oy

A reliable transportation company with three generations of experience

Janx-Jakelu Oy has been operating in the transportation industry for three generations. Our history began with my grandfather as a transportation entrepreneur, followed by my father's role in the same field. Nowadays, I, Aki Saarinen, am the transportation entrepreneur at Janx-Jakelu.

Our goal is always to expand our operations and become an even better partner for you. However, we always want to prioritize our down-to-earth, local, and high-quality service. This is something we never want to compromise on. So, you can trust that you will always receive the best possible service in the Turku region from us, and our deliveries are always on schedule.


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Janx-Jakelu's Story up Close

Janx-Jakelu Oy was founded in 1998, but the company's history goes back almost a hundred years, in a way,
when the current owner's grandfather, Yrjö Saarinen, established a transportation business with his brother Eero. The exact
year of establishment is not certain, but it is likely that it was in 1933.

Their drives were mainly focused on their hometown of Mynämäki, and with a good start, they were able to
purchase another car, after which they decided to continue as entrepreneurs, each on their own path.



During the Winter War, the brothers participated by delivering supplies to the front lines with their own cars.
When the armistice was reached, Yrjö began driving the Rovaniemi to Liinahamari route, which was crucial for both Finland
and Sweden. Liinahamari Port in Petsamo was Finland's only gateway to the world, as Britain had closed the North Sea,
and Germany the Baltic Sea.



They also participated in the Continuation War with their own car, contributing to Finland's defense.
After the war, Yrjö continued as a transportation entrepreneur in Mynämäki, with routes mainly to Rauma and
Turku. In Turku, they transported logs to the timber market and mine props to the harbor, while in Rauma, they delivered logs.
At some point in the 1950s, he was also involved in road construction under the auspices of the Road Administration, building roads
from Askainen to Livonsaari and Kankaanpää to Korvaluoma.
In the mid-1950s, Yrjö, along with a friend, established a company. They mainly drove Apaja routes in Mynämäki.
In addition, they transported fertilizer from Harjavalta, cement from Parainen, and bagged grain from the fields to Apaja's grain storage.
In the early 1960s, due to poor health, Yrjö temporarily took a break from transportation entrepreneurship.
The family moved from Karjala, Mynämäki, to Hoolinkylä, Mynämäki, where they had a small piece of land. However, just a few years later,
they moved to Raisio, and Yrjö continued as a transportation entrepreneur in the cooperative's transport.


1970s and Tenho Saarinen

Yrjö's son, Tenho Saarinen, followed in his father's footsteps and worked for the cooperative, which was also a significant
employer at the time. The work mainly involved moving and various transports in the Raisio area. At that time, the company's name was
Tenho Saarinen Ky (later Oy).

In the 1980s, Tenho belonged to Raision-Naantali KTK, through which various jobs came and went, some of which could lead to
long-term collaborations. Additionally, from the 1980s to the early 2000s, Turun Sanomat newspapers were delivered every night,
ending in Taalintehdas on Kemiö Island.


In the 1980s, a long-term partnership with Kaukokiito began, with multiple trucks operating for several years.

Mercedes-Benz and MAN trucks were among Tenho's vehicles.
In the 1990s, in addition to previous partners, another significant employer was CTC (Coating Technology Center), located in Raisio,
which was a pilot facility for the surface treatment of paper and cardboard. Their products and necessary chemicals were transported, sometimes very urgently.
Another major client was Raision Puusepät, whose pharmacy furniture was delivered all over Finland.


2000s and Aki Saarinen

By the turn of the millennium, for various reasons, Tenho had also divided his company's operations into another company. This was the beginning
of Janx-Jakelu Oy in 1998, which I, as a third-generation transportation entrepreneur, ended up buying and starting my own career in the world of transportation.

After Tenho's passing in 2006, I continued to run his company, putting Janx-Jakelu on hold for the time being.

The operations continued largely the same for several years, with Kaukokiito being the largest employer.
For various reasons, I decided to close Tenho Saarinen Oy at the end of 2010, after which I worked for several different transportation companies,
including Y. Auramaa for most of the time. These years brought valuable experience and insights into the industry.

In 2017, I dug out Janx-Jakelu Oy from the drawer and decided to become an entrepreneur again, which led me back to Kaukokiito.

The company's vehicle is equipped with Kaukokiito's customer advertising according to their agreement.
The company has a long history in the Turku region, and years of experience have brought partners from the transportation industry.
This helps to serve customers even when our own fleet is not sufficient or suitable for the task.
So, it's always worth asking.

If we can't meet your needs, at least we can help you find a solution to the problem.

Best regards,
Aki Saarinen

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