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The Third Generation of Transport Entrepreneurship

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Janx-Jakelu Oy

Reliable transport company in the Turku region

Our expertise in the transportation industry has been accumulating for decades, passing down from one generation to another.

Janx-Jakelu Oy is an experienced, skilled, and trustworthy transportation company in the Turku region. We provide high-quality transportation services with a strong expertise that has been built up over three generations in our company. We serve contract customers both in parcel transportation and as subcontractors. When you do business with us, you can trust that your goods will arrive precisely as agreed.

So, please don't hesitate to contact us when you need a reliable partner in the transportation industry.

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Entrepreneurship in the third generation

Transportations in the Turku area since 1998

We have been honing our expertise in the transportation industry since 1998, and our company's ownership is already in its third generation. Our goal is to provide local, down-to-earth, and high-quality services in the Turku region. Our modern and versatile fleet of vehicles, along with our experienced and skilled drivers behind the wheel, ensure that the journey to your destination is carried out safely.

So, please get in touch with a reliable transportation company and request a quote from us! We serve the Turku region.

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